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Diggin' in Deep - Mixed Use Urban

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  The Glendale Triangle is part of the mixed use trend in urban redevelopment that features modern architecture combined with sophisticated interior design. This exciting project includes construction of three-stories of underground parking, one-story of street-level retail and live/work units with four stories of luxury apartments above. LGC Geotechnical is also "deeply" involved with numerous other infill projects throughout Southern California.  

Typical geotechnical challenges for a project of this type include both temporary and permanent stability of the excavation, as well as the challenge of building in an urban environment. LGC Geotechnical provided design parameters and recommendations for the foundations, temporary shoring walls, permanent basement walls and was involved in reviewing construction vibration levels at the adjacent hospital during construction.  

LGC Geotechnical is not only committed to providing cost effective geotechnical design solutions, but is determined to continue to build our company on a foundation of innovation, integrity and unparalleled service to our clients. So, whether your next project is subterranean or reaching for the sky, know that you can always count on LGC Geotechnical to dig deep to find economical geotechnical solutions.

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